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We exist to glorify God through
living by faith, being known by love, speaking with a voice of hope,
developing committed followers of Christ.

Who We ARe

A community formed by the Spirit, intentionally imitating Christ.


Northcrest Church has been actively serving in this community for a long time, yet is still flexing and developing to meet changing lives. You will find it’s difficult to come here and be ignored; that´s intentional. We are looking to engage with one another about what´s going on in the daily occurrences of life. No pressure; no pretense -- just a desire on all of our hearts to share life together as we work out what it looks like to love and follow Jesus.

Together we have accepted the challenge to practice the core actions of living a life of blessing others in the name of Jesus. This call to bless is outlined in the acrostic B.L.E.S.S.

B - offer a Spirit-led act of blessing another person each week, by doing this each of us will be learning the grace of actually acting like Jesus in real time, rather than just thinking or praying about it.

L - look and listen for what the Father is doing around you and what people actually think and feel, at your work, in your family, neighborhood, place of worship and places of entertainment.

E - eat or drink with someone each week, on purpose. This is learning to engage people in life and what better way to engage than over a cup of deliciousness, or even better, a tasty morsel. So much changes in our relationships when we reach out in comfortable and inviting ways.

S - Study of the Word. having your heart and mind trained to think the thoughts of our Father and His Kingdom is not something that can happen by osmosis or by a 40 min. talk once a week, it involves planting the Word deeply into the soil of our hearts so that it can take root and grow in our thinking and our living.

S - Share and Supplicate is the act of letting your brothers and sisters in on what God is doing around you. In sharing and supplicating we learn that we are not in this alone, that we cannot do it alone, that together we can petition the Father to move in our collective lives for His glory.
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Stephen Cottle,

Teaching Pastor,

Missional Communities ELDER

Daneene Cottle, Administrative Assistant

ROss Maurer,

Church Elder

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