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What is Missional Community?

A missional community (MC for short) is a group of ordinary people, (some who are followers of Christ as well as some who may not be) that experience life together like a family and see themselves as sent on mission by God into their own lives to learn how to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples.

An MC is much more than a weekly event. MC's gather together at different times throughout the week to learn by practice how to worship and submit to Jesus in all of life.  Those who are part of an MC are learning how to love one another as family, worship Jesus as servants who serve others, and share the good news of Jesus Christ as his sent missionaries.

Every Missional Community identifies a group of people whom they believe God is sending them to love, serve, and share Jesus with. It could be a neighborhood or network of relationships. Some choose to love and serve local schools, while others will identify people they already are in regular relationships with.

We want to see every aspect of our city blessed by God's people: business, arts, education, sports, recreation, and social services.





                      MISSIONAL Triads

Currently, due to Covid-19 health restrictions on in-home gatherings, there are no active MC's ministering as a part of Northcrest Church. Since we are committed to being and making disciples, we are forming Missional Triads to be a smaller expression of an MC. Missional Triads are groups of three to four people that meet to provide structure for each of us to care deeply for one another, reach out to serve others, and bring about mutual, relational discipleship into each other's lives.

Each Missional Triad focuses on Divine Truth, Nurturing Accountability, and Apostolic Action


We help one another discover Jesus in the Scriptures, nurture the truths of the gospel in our hearts and stir each other on to take action to engage in what Jesus calls us to.


These groups (three people of the same gender), under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, meet bi-weekly to share what they are learning and how they are growing as believers in Jesus.  


If you're interested in joining a Missional Triad, please contact Pastor Cottle @ spc760@gmail.com.